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Hi, my name is Katie Lord, expert in small business and certified FocalPoint Business Coach. I work with female business owners who struggle with financial independence, plateaus in sales, and work-life harmony. Secretly they feel hopeless and frustrated, and deep down they may wonder if they’re good enough to run and grow a business. For these people, I build confidence and help them gain clarity to increase sales and grow to new heights.

What makes me different is the proven FocalPoint material I use with my clients. I walk my clients through the 5 actionable FocalPoint modules starting with the ever so important clarity module so that we fully understand where your business is now and where you want it to go. Then we move onto efficiency, growth, sales, and leadership. You will be challenged to think differently in order to make real lasting impact on your business.


Executive/Business Coaching

Is your business heading in the right direction?
Would you like to generate more profit?
Do you have the right team in place?
Are you really in control of your team?
Never before have business owners had the pressure to be as competitive and take their performance to record heights.

That’s where Coach Katie comes in with 1:1 or Group Coaching for business owners, executives, or independent professionals. Working together you will learn and implement proven business concepts, strategies, and tactics to accelerate your success.

Behavioral and Financial Assessments

Our Behavioral Assessments are powerful analytic tools that help Managers to turbo charge business performance by enhancing communication, better utilizing team members, hiring better, and increasing engagement.

Our Financial Assessments help our clients QUANTIFY their GAP, which in turn allows us to tangibly predict and track their progress. FocalPoint Finance offers several tools that help businesses quantify where they’re at, where they should be and offer strategies to meet their goals.

Leadership, Sales, and Productivity Training

The world’s most successful organizations understand that their level of success is directly linked to the Quality and Productivity of their team. Often the difference between success and failure is getting the right things done and getting them done quickly. Our programs will ensure your teams are well trained, managed, and focused. 

Whether you want your team to close more sales, navigate their day more efficiently, or ensure your next generation of leaders are ready to take command, our customizable training and workshop solutions will provide the impact you desire.


Ready to transform your business?

Katie’s Background

Katie has a passion for helping others achieve their potential and is dedicated to reducing stress and uncertainty for business owners and enhancing profitability of small to medium sized businesses. She has a proven track record of success in business development, team development, and retail and sales having delivered outstanding results throughout her career. As your business coach, Katie will help you to grow and manage your business. She will help you understand and implement proven business concepts which are guaranteed to generate a significant return on investment. She will work with you to develop plans in key areas related to achieving success, such as leadership, communication, management, delegation, sales, marketing, productivity, growth, decision making, and execution. Katie has successfully managed and coached teams to victory. She has also had some powerful mentors throughout her career to help accelerate her performance.

As your business coach, Katie has a wide range of solid business skills that she will draw upon to assist you in building a road map to higher levels of achievement. These include:
• Business Development
• Strategic Planning
• Communication
• Team Building and Development
• Sales and Retail
• Marketing


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